Our Roofing Services

We offer a number of services designed to suit your business needs including:

Industrial Cladding and Commercial Cladding

We install a full range of metal sheeting and cladding systems including twin skin, composite and metal over-cladding systems which are installed using our own accredited workforce.

With over 25 years experience in both built up and composite systems we can offer a complete package from design through to installation ensuring that the design meets all the latest building regulations on thermal performance, fire certification, acoustics and air tightness. Our accredited installers ensure that all work is of the highest standard.

On all projects we ensure we create practical solutions to meet our individual client’s needs and budgets.

Systems installed Include twin skin construction, composite panel construction and standing seam construction.

Flat Roofing Systems

We install a range of today’s market leading elastomeric felt systems that are applied both hot and cold. These are available in single or multi-layer systems
We install a range of high performance polyester based elastomeric felts with manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees (we only use felts manufactured with a very high tensile strength). These systems provide great flexibility and cope with expansion and contraction on even the largest expanse of roof.

Elastomeric felts can be applied cold using adhesives and hot air welding techniques (similar to those used with modern PVC / TPO membranes) as well as being available in single layer and multi layer built up systems using the traditional warm roof applications. Both systems provide excellent U Values.

Systems benefits Include cost effective single layer systems, can be fully cold applied, classic mineral finish and warranties from 5 to 30 years available.

Reactive Roof Maintenance

We can provide reactive roof maintenance to commercial and industrial properties. Roof leak management and gutter maintenance can be carried out nationwide and services can be provided on a 24hr and 48hr call out basis for fixed fees.

We can provide a general response time of 48 hours to all enquiries with a general policy of attending emergency’s within 24 hours whenever possible (with 2 – 3 hour response time to Roof Management clients). This facility is available on all roofing materials using our own in house tradesmen.

If required we can also provide a detailed roof survey to highlight any other findings that may require attention. After repairs are completed we offer long-term product solutions to prevent further widespread failure.

Service benefits Include 24HR response, high quality repair techniques, repair with like for like materials (were possible) and all works completed in accordance with H&S requirements.

Roof Management

Management services are available to clients nationwide with packages varying from general gutter cleaning, roof gutter maintenance, annual roof inspections to complete roof management for the lifespan of the roof.

Our program will cover all major components on the roof plus associated works. The scope of work will be dependant on the overall condition of the roof and level of maintenance required by individual clients.

Our aim is to help prolong the service life, minimizing further deterioration and help prevent costly leaks. This proactive approach helps avoid costly “emergency repairs” and associated internal damage caused when incidents happen.

Roof maintenance will save you money in the long term and give you peace of mind during the rainy months. This package is supported by a 24/7 helpdesk and a web based portal providing support in an emergency.

Asbestos Removal and Overclads

We provide asbestos removal or over-cladding solutions to commercial and industrial buildings nationwide to comply with all current regulations.

We specialise in overcladding asbestos cement roofs by installing a steel grid system to the existing roof structure which is insulated with quilt insulation before the outer roof sheets are installed. Rooflights are fitted to provide natural daylight. New valley gutters and external rainwater goods are also installed to create a watertight construction. These come with the option of a 25 year warranty for materials and workmanship.

This provides a non fragile roof surface, natural daylight back into the building, long-term manufacturers guarantee, improved appearance of your building and newly insulated roof therefore improving the thermal efficiency of your building.

Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak detection (ELD) is a non-destructive form of testing used to identify ingress within a roof construction. Failed roof areas are then clearly marked so a schedule of remedial works can be undertaken.

We use ELD testing to identify defects in waterproofing membranes. Structural roof decks are electrical conductors and the waterproofing membrane an electrical insulator. By using the ELD monitor areas of trapped of water/moisture can be identified highlighting pinholes, damaged/defective welded laps.

All defective areas are marked and recorded on our roof plan which is then supplied to with our survey report. If required a full lap test can be completed to find any exposed areas that may allow potential water ingress.

Used for identifying trapped moisture / failed insulation, identifying then repair isolated leaks with confidence and can potentially save thousands of pounds on costly roof overlays.

Single Ply Membranes

We install a range of single ply such as PVC membranes, TPO membranes and EPDM membranes which are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

We install numerous PVC/TPO & EPDM membranes to suit individual client’s needs, budgets and life expectancies.

These materials are available in various colours/ finishes and can be fully adhered, mechanically fixed or ballasted to offer the flexibility required especially with refurbishment project.

Systems Installed Include cold applied minimising the problems & risks associated with hot works, fully adhered, mechanically fixed and ballasted, refurbishment systems applied to most existing roof substrates and specifically designed finishes to compliment surrounding buildings and environments.

Rooflight Replacement

We replace all types of rooflight to commercial and industrial buildings to both flat and pitched roofs.

We can replace aged and defective roof lights to allowing natural daylight back into the building. These can be of various materials and designs such as north light glazing, domes and GRP translucent sheets.

Old roof lights can result in reduced light leading to an increase the use of artificial lighting thus increasing energy costs. Our experience will allow you to choose the right system for your roof weather it is GRP Translucent sheets, factory assembled GRP or the various types of polycarbonate designs.

Systems Installed Include made to measure, increasing roof light percentages to increase natural daylight, improved thermal efficiency, improved daylight quality and mansafe systems for additional safety.

Gutter Linings and Gutter Maintenance

We install gutter liners and carry out gutter maintenance to commercial and industrial roofs. There are a range of gutter liners such as metal/ Plygene or liquid coated systems all available with long-term roofing warranties.

We install the patented Rubberised Plygene system which is hard-wearing and carries a 20 year guarantee. This is pliable enough to mould to any gutter profile and will tolerate changes in temperature and building movement without splitting or cracking creating a totally sealed, fully waterproof ‘gutter within a gutter’ which when installed will not allow any water to penetrate behind or beneath it (the original gutter is left untouched so there is no need for structural work).

Systems Installed are made to measure for every project, can be supplied on a seamless joint free roll, without messy adhesives, with no internal disruption to the building throughout installation and have BBA approval.

Seamless Liquid Roof Coatings

Liquid roof coatings that can be applied over most roofing substrates and are sourced from several manufacturers offering long-term manufacturers guarantees. Liquid coating provides a seamless, waterproofing construction.

Sourced from several manufacturers within the market these liquid systems offer a high performance polyurethane coating which is strong, flexible and very durable.

They are applied cold so major health and safety risks are eliminated. Allowing them to be installed on virtually any substrate including asphalt, felt, asbestos, steel or single layer membranes.

Systems benefits include cold application to minimise H&S risks, applied to any shape for detailed roof works, can be applied to most existing roof substrates and is aesthetically pleasing design finish.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Treating edge corrosion will prolong the life of the existing metal sheets. This specialist treatment is applied to corroded roofing sheet laps and will prevent further edge corrosion and is supplied with a long-term warranty.

We apply a specialist coating system to treat cut edge corrosion. This is because when cut the edges of coated metal cladding is exposed to the elements (and not treated initially) delamination may occur (peeling back of the factory coating). Unprotected metal substrate then becomes exposed and rusting/ corrosion occurs. If this is not addressed quickly it will eat into the buildings metal sheet causing leaks.

Our treatment begins with the thorough cleaning and preparation of these areas of rusting and delamination followed by the application of a three part coating system.

Systems benefits Include we use market leading brand, specialist sealant to prevent cracking long-term and long-term manufacturers guarantee.

Flat To Pitch Conversions

This system is used to convert flat roofs into traditional pitched roofs offsetting the problems associated with flat roofs.

We work with a number of manufacturers producing these lightweight frames which are bespoke to each project. After the initial investigation a design is produced inline with the client’s requirements and proposals but forward for the roof coverings to compliment the surrounding buildings or planning restrictions.

As the system is lightweight and fully designed prior to starting on site assembly is much faster than traditional systems allowing a fast track programme to be achieved.

Systems benefits Include elimination of leaks associated with flat roof, alternative solution when flat roofs are at the end of their design life and aesthetically pleasing design finish.

Roof Slating

We carry out works on existing, new build, heritage or industrial buildings using a wide variety of slates.

We carry out all aspects of roof slating from slate repairs to full reroofs. With experience working with owners, contractors, architects, local authorities and quantity surveyors we are able to provide a service suitable for all needs. We can guide the client with our knowledge of working with slates, and understand the requirements of working with a natural material that requires tradesmen with years of experience to ensure the integrity of the roof structure. We have a working knowledge of using second hand slate, Westmorland, Burlington, Penrhyn, Spanish, Welsh Ton slate & stone slates along with their artificial counterparts.

Systems benefits Include traditional finish to buildings, life expectancy in excess or most other roofing materials, planning applications usually look for a natural product and aesthetically pleasing design finish.


This highly specialized product is an integral part of finishing roofs and detailing is paramount for the integrity of the roof but also from an aesthetic point of view. We also use the majority of lead substitute products especially where theft is an issue.

We install this type of product to existing, new build, industrial and heritage buildings. We have traditional craftsmen carrying out this work as we understand the importance of finishing details. Our works are carried out in accordance with lead sheet association guidelines to ensure that the works are fit for purpose. We can also advise and work with clients where theft is a problem to work on a solution that best suits the building and its environment.

Systems benefits Include extremely durable product, able to be worked into almost any shape to overcome design or onsite issues, when detailed can be ornately finished and aesthetically pleasing design finish.

Roof tiling

We carry out works on existing, new build, heritage or industrial buildings using a wide variety of roof tiles from interlocking concrete to plain clay Rosemary tiles.

We carry out all aspects of roof tiling from repairs to full reroofs. With experience working with owners, contractors, architects, local authorities and quantity surveyors we are able to provide a service suitable for all needs. We can guide the client with our working knowledge of roof tiles and our relationship with the majority of manufacturers currently selling in the UK. Our experience gives the client the benefit of being able to specify the correct product for the roof along with the relevant manufacturer’s warranties and specifications.

Systems benefits Include finish to buildings in a wide variety of tile shapes & colours, life expectancy warranties issued by the manufacturer, planning applications backed up by economic solutions to roof design and aesthetically pleasing design finish.

Metal Roof Tiles

We install this type of product to existing, new build or flat to pitched conversions and is ideally suited to buildings that require lightweight, low pitch and vandal resistant roof finish.
We can advise at the early stages of building design as this type of structure has also the benefit of requiring less steelwork on commercial buildings to support the roof or reduced number of trusses in a traditional roof. Also having a variety of finishes it can blend with a number of roof finishes such as slate, tile and shingle.

Systems benefits Include finish to buildings in a wide variety of tile shapes & colours, life expectancy warranties issued by the manufacturer, ideal for flat to pitched conversions and aesthetically pleasing design finish.

Fascia – Soffit and Rain Water Goods

We install these products to existing, new build, industrial and heritage buildings. We understand the importance of and effective rainwater system especially with the current heavy rainfalls experienced in the UK.

We have applied the knowledge to many blue chip companies that are experiencing problems with existing building that can be over 100 years old or new properties that are just out of the defects liability period giving cost effective and practical solutions. Having a full working knowledge of roof finishes and details we also can advise on options to fascia, soffit and gable elevations weather it is a standard over clad to a building facelift where a new metal planking system is required working closely with steel fabricators we have often made bespoke systems offering the client a purpose made finish rather than “off the shelf” products “cut to suit”.

Systems benefits Include wide range of products, materials and finishes, colour matching and flexible solutions.

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